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helping hazel & the millers through their journey


We don't know when she got her nickname but everyone knows it.


     When we found out that sweet little Hazel was diagnosed with pre-b acute lymphoblastic leukemia our hearts were broken. We wanted to help Nat and Elizabeth so bad but we just didn't know how or what to do. Then it struck us, Basil for Hazel. Anyone that knows the Millers knows that they are modest and wouldn't accept charitable donations easily. One of the things they need most right now though is financial help. With so much uncertainty in the future we want to make sure that finances aren't another worry on their already full plate. Things like gas to commute to Columbus, insurance deductibles, missed work days, meals on the road, and other miscellaneous expenses.

     Sure, we don't have green thumbs and we aren't the best at this kind of thing but we sure love the Millers as much as you guys do! Let's pitch in as a community and help them out!

     It is our hope that when you receive your Basil seeds or plant that you will have a constant reminder in your home of our cherished "Hazel Basil" and as you nurture your Basil and prepare meals with it that you can pray over sweet Hazel to bring healing and love to her.  Spread the word and join us in sharing pictures of your Basil plant or delicious meals with the hashtag #BasilForHazel. Let the Miller's know that they are not alone in this fight and they have a whole army of support behind them.

Basil for Hazel

Basil For Hazel on Twitter
Basil For Hazel on Twitter