Basil For Hazel on Twitter
Basil For Hazel on Twitter

Basil for Hazel

Hazel Miller

"Hazel Elizabeth Miller was born September 26, 2014 at 1:55pm. She was 8 pound 2 oz. screaming and healthy. Full head of red hair. Elizabeth did wonderful and is now resting at home. Birth team was awesome and I (Nathaniel) caught her."

      ~ Nat Miller (Facebook Announcement) 

At 2 1/2 years old on Easter 2017 Hazel was diagnosed with  pre-b acute lymphoblastic leukemia after running some ordinary blood work. 

Nat and Elizabeth Miller

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helping hazel & the millers through their journey


The Miller Family

Gideon, Paul and Aurora Miller

Nat and Elizabeth are a very loving couple who always put their little family first. Their children are their world! Elizabeth and Nat have dedicated their lives to enriching their children's lives. Nat has sacrificed many hour providing for his family as Elizabeth has spent countless hours as a stay at home mother as well as homeschooling her children for many years. Both of them work equally as hard to nurture and a pour love into their sweet babies. They enjoy being active and taking their children on adventures on Hatteras Island, camping, boating, biking, etc. 


These 3 kids are phenomenal big siblings. They love their little Hazel Basil fiercely. Aurora stays at home with Mommy and Hazel while the boys have just started public school where they are thriving.  From the moment Hazel was born, she has had her eyes fixated on her big brothers and sister and has tried keeping up with them.  She is as strong and tough as all of them and they all have a bond beyond imagination! If you personally know the Miller children please reach out to them and smother them with some extra love and support as they will surely appreciate it during this difficult time.  I am sure they would light up with packages addressed personally to them!